Cubase Project Files Conditions

If you download the file you agree to the following:

1: All release rights of the song and remixes of it are owned by me, Raphael H., SubConsciousMind.

2: If you use any samples, soundpresets or settings of my song for your own song I want you to send this song to me. (because I’m curious).

3: If you use whole melodies or patterns (rhythms or beats) this is considered a remix. Rule number 1 applies.

4: If you do a remix of my song I want you to send this remix to me. (I’m curious). If you plan to release (including also internet releases) this remix you have to release it as “SubConsciousMind – Name of The song (your artistname RMX)” and you have to get in touch with me first. contact.

Got it?

So here you go

SubConsciousMind – Hector The Dark” – One of my proper releases, authentic insight in my work.

SubConsciousMind – MyFullOn” – Made with free plugins only, specifically to be “open source”. The track is not very good…