Basspatches F. Kontakt

For all “non logic” users here some samples for basslines from ES1 and ESM. They are said to be very fat, but unfortunately only availabe with logic, so I sampled them for use in cubase with a sampler. I wonder why nobody has already done that (maybe they all keep it to themselves…)

I just (more or less randomly) sampled some different settings (variations) – It’s a pitty, I did that on my old laptop with headphones… I didn’t do very good patches. Maybe I’ll give it another shot, another time.

Here (1MB) you find 11 different variations of ESM and ES1. Samples and patches for Native Instrument Kontakt. One patch is multisampled over three octaves (almost pure saw). The others contain only two sampled notes (B0 and B1). If you don’t have Kontakt you can just use the samples in the directories and use them for the sampler or synth of you choice (wav).
If you want to create three octave multisampled patches for all variations you can use these wave files (15MB – downloaded times). Here you have every note played four times over three octaves in one file, so you have to select and cut them, before you can use them.

Please send me any patches created from these samples. I will put them online.

Do me a favour, have fun, make individual music with it.