Welcome to your place for melodic, hypnotic PsyTrance! Downloads and streams.

This website provides you with free, melodic, hypnotic, pure PsyTrance downloads. Available in all sorts of streams and downloads as mp3 or lossless.

Furthermore you’ll find tutorials on electronic music production. Like the eternal question of “how to make a PsyTrance Bassline”.

Besides that, you will find a lot of information, background and history on the electronic music project called SubConsciousMind. SubConsciousMind has been creating Psychedelic Trance since 1998, playing live at many of the most influential Psychedelic Trance Festivals like Boom Festival in Portugal and Ozora Festival in Hungary.

If you are into Goa Trance you will especially like this timeless kind of Psychedelic Trance by SubConsciousMind. Because it blends through all styles, but has it routes deep in classic GoaTrance.

Why can you download PsyTrance like this for free?

The project SubConsciousMind is not about making money, but above all about passionately making the purest possible electronic, psychedelic dance music and sharing it with the world. The question really is, why should it cost something? You can help this project most, by helping sharing it.

Download Psytrance Album Symphonies of Life by SubConsciousMind

Symphonies of Life

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Download Psytrance Album Intermezzo Extended by SubConsciousMind

Intermezzo Extended

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Download Psytrance Album Gfühlsweid by SubConsciousMind


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Download Alternative Psytrance Compilation Patchwork by SubConsciousMind & Friends


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