303 VS 303

I wanted to make a direct comparison between the original and a clone for the first time, when I heard the Audiorealism Bassline V2 Plugin.

Here is the result:

No processing alternating original – clone
Distorted alternating original – clone

More left and first, the original, more right and second, the clone.

I find the clone sounds very impressive, the first clone getting the accents a little right, but still not as cool in my ears. Overall it still sounds more like plastic, but for the price it’s a good deal. The original is still more liquid, warm.

But hey, anyways. It’s what YOU make of it!! This plugin certainly rocks!

To mention: my original is a little modified, I have more cutoff range (can close fully) and I have Midi In and Out. Furthermore EVERY 303 sounds different, so it is impossible for a clone to sound the same…