Unsorted Thoughts

Weak people show only their strong sides in their music. Only strong people dare to show their vulnerabilty through the music. Unfortunately many listeners and musicians get this the other way round. They think if someone show his vulnerabilty and his weakness, that this person must be weak…

Some listeners tend to categorically call everything “cheesy” or “kitsch” if it is emotional, happy or cheerful. They don’t seem to be able to see the difference between fake and authenticy. As if they had seen so many false smiles that they don’t trust in any smile anymore, or only trust in smiles when they happen only very hidden, or slightly. Thats those peoples loss. What a pitty.

From the moment art or music is made to please or prove somthing it ceases to be “art” anymore. Art can never be made to please anyone else then the artist. The best art is the personal ego trip of the artist.

Making music is like writing your signature. It may look normal, or even like crap to you, but others think “wow how can he do that so fast?!”.

You just have to come to love your signature and see, that its perfectly ok as it is JUST YOU!

You possibly already have the skills you need, but didn’t recognize them, because you try the most difficult of all: sounding like someone else.

If music has real emotional depth, is truthfull and allows deep insights into the artists, it makes conformity impossible.
The only timeless qualitycriteria of music is how much we can see the soul of the artist trough the music.
Things like “Production Quality” or the genre it belongs to are bound to time and within a couple of years outdated and unimportant. Therefore it is unwise to prior them.