Check Your Feeling

Please read this little theory before you can do the test.
As far as I’m concerned I believe in the following:

When a person creates a piece of music, inevitably this piece of music tells something about this person. “One can not not communicate” (Paul Watzlawik). So even if the person intends to create a song that doesn’t tell anything about him and succeeds, the song still tells about him, that he didn’t want to make a song that tells anything about him, which gives room for first speculations about this person and its intentions. Tricky, isn’t it?

So, now we practice this:
You listen to one of my songs and try to find out which information about me and my intentions doing this song you can “derive” from it. After you have done that, you can read what I say about it, what I put into the song, consciously or unconsciously (unconscious things obviously only noticed after creating). If you know my album and my music it will be significantly easier.

The solution