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Download Psychedelic Trance by SubConsciousMind for free. All albums are available as MP3, Lossless Wav or Flac and Streams from various sources.  Most importantly, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify and with accounts also from Google Play or Apple Music.

What you are getting here is musical, melodic, hypnotic, pure psychedelic trance in the original sense of the word: It is psychedelic, it is trance. Filled with melodies and trippy sounds.

SubConsciousMind surely reminds of good old Goa Trance. But it seems like this psychedelic electronic music is really hard to categorize within the whole PsyTrance movement. It is said to have a timeless, deep and authentic sound. Therefore it really can’t be defined any better than with the literal meaning of the words “psychedelic trance”.

Click on the images bellow to download and stream. Furthermore, use the menu to find more information about the albums, as well as history and background about the music.

Why can you download Psychedelic Trance for free?

It’s free so can it be good?

SubConsciousMind has been passionately writing melodic Psychedelic Trance for over 20 years! 20 years of technical and personal development boil down in “Symphonies of Life”. An Album called a “Masterpiece” many many times by listeners all around the world. SubConsciousMinds music is free, because the main purpose of this music is to share it with the world, not to make money with it.

Download Psychedelic trance Album Symphonies of Life by SubConsciousMind. Musical Psychedelic Trance.

Symphonies of Life

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Download Psychedelic Trance Album Intermezzo Extended by SubConsciousMind

Intermezzo Extended

Download Free Psytrance
Download Psychedelic Trance Album Gfühlsweid by SubConsciousMind


Download Free Psytrance
Download Alternative Psychedelic Trance Compilation Patchwork by SubConsciousMind & Friends


Download Free Psytrance