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Booking Infos

Bellow is the fairest way I could think of the calculate a fee / expenses. Please note, that I make music for free and I play it for free. But I do not travel for free. It’s precious time that I lose for other projects, I need to be compensated for it.

To Book SubConsciousMind for a live-gig the following info is important:

  1. Play duration is a minimum of 90 Minutes. Maximum 180 Minutes.
  2. Play time has to be suitable for the kind of music SubConsciousMind is making.
  3. Expense for food and drinks have to be provided from the moment SubConsciousMind leaves the door at home until he returns home.
  4. Expense for traveling has to be provided.
  5. If SubConsciousMind stays over night, a place to sleep has to be provided.
  6. The CO2 caused by flying in a plane has to be compensated with
  7. Flights have to be organized by the event-organizer, 4 weeks before the event the latest.
  8. The time from the moment SubConsciousMind leaves the door at home until he returns has to be compensated by an hourly rate. Festivals visited by SubConsciousMind as a guest anyways are an exception. An individual fee can be agreed on. (Boom, SUN, Connection, Lost Theory, ZNA).
  9. The time for the live set is free of charge.
  10. The time for creating the music is free of charge.
  11. Travel and food expenses, hourly rate for traveling and compensation for myClimate have to be transfered 2 weeks before the event the latest.
  12. The event-organizer has to be aware that SubConsciousMind lives in Switzerland where cost of living, (transport, rent, insurance etc.) is among the highest of the world.
  13. SubConsciousMind has to leave home 3.5 hours before flight time and will return home 2.5 hours after flight arrival. Therefore 6 hours have to be added to every travel by plane.

Expense for food and drinks:

Food and drinks while travelling is billed 3 Euro per hour.
Food and drinks while on site is billed 2 Euro per hour or has to be provided.
If food and drinks are provided by the event-organizer: The food has to be vegetarian. Non-chlorinated water is enough for drinks.

Expense for travelling:

The travel from home to the airport and back by train costs 80 CHF (70 Euro).
If travel to some place is by car the costs for the car are charged 0.50 CHF per km (insurance, repairs, petrol, use of car all included).
Expenses for flights or trains have to be payed by the event-organizer.

Hourly rate:

Even though it is to the disadvantage of SubConsciousMind, the hourly rate is dependent on the country of the event.
The hourly rates are as follows:
Switzerland and all commercial events: 60 CHF / hour
Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finnland: 30 Euro / hour.
The rest of Europe and USA and Canada: 22 Euro / hour.
The rest of the World: 18 Euro / hour.

Example, booking in Lissabon Portugal, direct flight departure Saturday 16.00, Flight Return Sunday 16.00. Set duration 2h.

Time to be compensated: 24 hour + 6 hours – 2 hours = 28 hours
Resulting fee: (Portugal 22 Euro / hour): 28 hours x 22 Euro= 616 Euro
Flight CO2 compensation: 17 Euro (
Expense for train to Airport: 70 Euro
Expense for food and drinks while traveling: 6 hours (train and airport) + 6 hours (Flights) = 12 hours -> 12 hours x 3 Euro = 36 Euro
Expense for food and drinks while on site: 28 hours – 12 hours = 16 hours -> 16 hours x 2 hours = 32 Euro

Total fee to be payed to SubConsciousMind (except flight): 616 + 17 + 70 + 36 + 32 = 771 Euro.

Example, booking in Zürich, Switzerland.

Time to be compensated: 2.5 hours drive time, 1.5 hour before, 1.5 hour after the gig (arriving, parking, preparations etc.) = 2.5 h + 3 h = 5.5 hours
Resulting fee: (Switzerland 60 CHF / hour): 5.5 h x 60 CHF = 330 CHF
Expense for car (200km roundtrip to Zürich): 200 km x 0.5 CHF = 100 CHF
Expense for food and drinks while traveling: 2.5 hours x 3 Euro = about 10CHF
Expense for food and drinks while on site: 3 hours x 2 Euro = about 8 CHF

Total fee to be payed to SubConsciousMind: 330 CHF + 100 CHF + 10 CHF + 8 CHF = 448 CHF.