Drugs heavily influenced many musical genres. Psytrance surly is one of it. For sure listening to music on drugs must be a very special experience, otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular. But what are the costs and benefits on composing music on drugs?

I never compose or produce music while using any sort of drug. Neither legal or illegal nor so called “soft drugs”.

Why? Three points to mention:

First of all I want my music to be a part of me, my music should show ME, and not “Me on drugs”. So to make my music absolutely genuine there is only on way to go: Drugfree.

Second, using drugs to compose psychedelic music certainly makes the job much easier. Actually any sort of drug can help to make any kind of music, and that’s already the point. That way you risk to only be able to make the music you want while using a certain drug. This makes you addicted to the drug through the music, and if you ever want to stop with the drug, you will stop with the music too. And anyway, assuming one makes music everyday… make your own thoughts.

Third, to become able to make psychedelic music without using psychedelic drugs while doing so means that one has to learn to bring oneself into a certain state of trance similar to the state while using drugs. And this is really worth to learn for your own personal development, not only for making music.

Maybe it’s better to use the drug only for listening and while doing so memorize what it sounded like. Then in the clean state use this knowledge to create the music. This way the creation of music would become a trainingto achieve drug like states in normal life.