MP3 Showdown MQ

The following examples were ripped from the original CDs with Steinberg WaveLab 5.0 *. After shortening them with the same software directly after import they then have been saved in their original properties (44kHz/16bit) as “WAV” files. Those WAV files then have been converted to 320Kbps, 192kbps and 128kbps MP3 files with the LAME encoder (V3.98.2 – click here for tricks in Windows) using the highest conversion quality settings. (Note: this setting is independent from the Bitrate setting! Click here for the same comparison with high quality setting). Then the MP3 files have been opened and then saved as wav file using Steinberg WaveLab 5.0. This should be what every MP3 Player does during playback. The resulting WAV files are here as examples and are labeled “A” “B” “C” “D” randomly.

There are several different musical pieces to listen to. All “A”s are the same conversion, All “B”s are the same conversion and so on.

download alternative pop example (Zip file 33 MB) ( DLs)
(Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl)
download classical example (Zip file 30 MB) ( DLs)
(5 Bach/ Brandenburg Concerto #2 In F, BWV 1047 – 1. [Allegro])
download pop rock example (Zip file 28 MB) ( DLs)
(U2 – Discotheque)
download electronic example 1 (Zip file 38 MB) ( DLs)
(Infected Mushroom – The Shen)
download electronic example 2 (Zip file 30 MB) ( DLs)
(Domestic – Big Time) *(downloaded as WAV from beatport – 8.9.09)

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