iRemberem oGa Cubase Project File download

This project file is probably good to get a hold of how to make complicated arrangements, how to make melodies, melodic basslines, a bit of sounddesign, how to slowly build into climaxes (as opposed to EDM style drops)  :D.

“iRemberem oGa” is one of my more popular songs. This is the cubase project file almost as it was when I finished it. The project file is cleaned up a little bit, but it uses so many different plugins I can’t even open it properly myself anymore. I did quick recreations of some tracks with newer versions of plugins, just to make it “sound” at all. Bass for example was done with Trilogy, now it is just a quick and dirty Trillian Bass, but it does the job.

The samplekit for Native Instruments Battery is included in ZIP Folder, you can point to that folder on opening the file, once it doesn’t find the samples. The Midi File of the whole project is also in the file, just in case you don’t have cubase and want to have a look at the notation. It’s a mess though 🙂

You need of course to have MANY specific plugins to hear everything correctly.The more of the plugins you have, the more it will sound like the original.

Please be aware of the conditions before downloading this!

Download it here.