Old Stuff

These songs are considered “trashed” which means I don’t count them to my finished work. Somehow all this songs have flaws which couldn’t be fixed so I stopped working on them and never released them. Maybe some of you like it or find some inspiration in it.

Snake (2002) Earier called “All together”. I kept on changing it till 2002. This is the last version so far 😉
NoName (The lost song) 2001 It’s not called “NoName” it has NO name. I never finished this song because I just repeated myself with it. There is also a live version in the “Old LiveActs” section. Maybe, maybe I should have finished it.
KickOff Remix (2000) post unprofassional live version.
TB-Song 2 (2000) Thats more a “scetch” of a song, maybe inspiring 🙂
Djembe Jamsession (1999) Thomas Diem and me jamed around with some loops and spent a funny afternoon. First we recorded Thomas playing the djembe, then I tweaked and loope while he played the keyboard.
Try to catch me (1999). Until MyFullOn (2006) this was the only song I ever did using a computer. I really dig the lyrics in the end. Thats why it’s here.
Imput here … Short Code ….