This website has been designed to provide an insight into the music project called "subconsciousmind".

The website can give fast access to many subjects, but also allows you to dive deep. There is much to learn and listen.




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wordsofjoy SubConsciousMind is creating PsyTrance also called Goa, Psy, Psychedelic Trance or in general Electronic Music. His Name is commonly misspelled in a multitude of ways. For example: Sub, conscious, mind, sub conscious mind, tutorials, bassline, cubase, synthesizer, subconscousmind, subconscousmind, subconciousmind, subconscusmind, subconsciusmind, subconciusmind, subconsiusmind, conscous, concious, conscus, conscius, concius, consius, subconscous, subconcious, subconscus, subconscius, subconcius, subconsius. Obviously SubConsciousMind is also present facebook. His music is often described as especially genuine, emotional, soulful. It triggers soul, body and mind. Furthermore on this website various texts and tutorials are offered about composition, creation of music, music, freedom, creativity, open ideas, fat bass or fat basslines. All his music is available to be downloaded as mp3 or lossless, flac and wav. Of course he does also perform as a live act.