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Full Cubase-File

Have you ever wondered how a psychedelic trance full-on song has been made?

So, this is the place to be! 🙂

I wrote a song about my feelings concerning musicians not developing their own style because their surrounding expects them to sound what they know from “the famous ones”. It has been produced with Cubase SX3 and ONLY freeware plugins. You can download the whole project here. It’s only working on microsoft windows computers.

I tried to go as far in the direction of the mainstream psychedelic trance as I could by still staying true to myself.

I did this because I want you not to worry so much about the craft anymore but to be able to focus on your music and the composing. Of course, now you could say: “but with this tutorial everybody will sound the same afterwards”. I believe the opposite is true. Fact is, that in the end all that counts is to write a good song. You can easily copy craft and skills and even a song, but not my charakteristic, individual style of song writing. Feel free to see a couple of my tricks and write your own song.

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